Guide To Boost Testosterone Levels

Guide To Boost Testosterone Levels

Prime Male is advertised as a supplement for anti-aging and on the whole as a vitality complex. It contains 12 nutrients which are basically designed to boost testosterone and to bring back the male potency. You can look for Prime Male Review posted by customers who have previously used it before you try it for yourself.

The product has been introduced to boost the testosterone levels which aids in the benefits like increased energy levels, strength, building lean muscle, mood fluctuation, bone strength and to have a sharp mind. If you have doubt whether your testosterone levels are normal or not, then you can read through the symptoms listed in

Prime Male has been transparent in its ingredients as it is not wise to take a testosterone supplement without having proper knowledge on what is contained in it. There are other testosterone boosters available in the market which offers a good blend of ingredients, but the increase in potency level will be below average. Prime Male is quite trustable as they disclose all the natural ingredients present in them.

D-Aspartic Acid
D-AA is said to be a neurotransmitter and amino acid who play a vital role in managing the level of luteinizing hormone which is emitted into the body. Testosterone is known to increase the testosterone levels sent to the blood by communicating with the testes.

Recent studies state that men between the 27 and 37 of age had a daily dosage of D-Aspartic Acid and the levels of testosterone improved by at least 42%. It is said that people above 30 years of age tend to lose a minimum of 1% of testosterone every year. Once they start consuming Prime Male, their levels of testosterone have increased by four decades making a drastic change.

Magnesium is considered as a power mineral. It will be helpful in some body functions like nerve and muscle activity which aids in supporting the immune system and at the same time helps in maintaining a constant heartbeat. The biochemical reactions in our body need magnesium in order to execute the functionalities. Magnesium is interlinked with testosterone as it helps in lowering the sex hormone levels combining with globulin in the body. It is also responsible for holding testosterone as it is retained without being used directly. Magnesium unlocks the testosterone by increasing the male potency and by increasing the virility.

Bioperine is nothing but black pepper extract which helps in boosting the nutrient absorption by a minimum of 20times. Bioperine is added in Prime Male helps in increasing bioavailability of nutrients which are present in the testosterone supplement.

Nettle Root Extract
Your body has the tendency of trapping at least half of the testosterone by holding it close to sex hormone binding globulin. Lignans are compounds present in the nettle plant roots which combines SHBG with testosterone. This helps in freeing the testosterone levels in your system. Nettle root is a plant-based compound which is a good source of beta-sitosterol boosting testosterone.