The Right Way Of Using A Charcoal Grill

Once you had food which was made from a charcoal grill, you will find it very hard in eating food made from the normal stove. When you make food that is charcoal grilled, it gives the food a smoky flavor. The meats and vegetables turn out to be so tender and juicy when you cook it on a charcoal grill. But many people may face difficulty in using a charcoal grill as they have not had he experience of using a charcoal grill before. Our site is best for those who want to try their hand at charcoal grilling. According to sites like, people need to be very careful while using the charcoal grill.

You may find various types of charcoal grill in the market but it is not necessary all of them would turn out to be the best type. The basic type of charcoal grills comes with not only charcoal but also has sawdust, scrap lumber, starch and various additives which may affect the flavor and quality of the food. It is much better to buy a hardwood lump charcoal as It’s much cleaner to cook with.

Now, before cooking your food on the grill, you need to know the right way of operating it. First, for starting the fire in the charcoal grill, you can either use an electric coil starter or use the old method that is using a newspaper and firewood. In both the cases you need to remove the grill and put your starter directly over the fire grid and place handfuls of charcoal on top of it. After the fire has lit properly, the charcoal becomes very hot which results in heating up the surrounding charcoals, starting from the center and moving towards outwards. If a large amount of food needs to be cooked, it is best to add extra heaps of charcoal that would start to heat up as soon as the center cinders start to fade. You should only start cooking after the fire has been lit as long as 15 -30 minutes which would give the charcoal enough time to heat up completely and evenly.

The food that is charcoal grilled has a unique taste due to the different wood chips used. In order to get a specific smoky flavor, you can try mixing in certain types of wood chips along with the charcoal. Mesquite is the most popular used type of wood chips. Apple wood, hickory, oak, cherry are some of the other types of wood used by people.

On heating, most wood chips would lose its smoky flavor and results in less flavored food. For keeping the chips flavorsome, first you need to soak them in water till the charcoal starts glowing, before you add them to the charcoal grill.

You should always use a charcoal grill outdoors or in open area. Cooking indoors or in a confined space with a charcoal grill can be dangerous as it lets out carbon monoxide which could be deadly and highly toxic. The charcoal grill needs to be placed on a flat leveled ground in a well ventilated area. It is highly recommended to never use gasoline to light a charcoal fire.