What Are The Various Types Of Composters?

types of compost bin

People must learn about the recycling method from household waste which is a more natural process. The recycling method decreases the amount of trash from the household waste. The higher the education on household waste the higher amount of household waste is used for composting process.

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When making food, you must know the food items that can be thrown away and the foods that can be used for compost. Do you throw the potato skins, banana peels, and wasted foods to garbage? Then apart from garbage, you have other options now.

For a large amount of composting method, there are two different types of composters used- bins and tumblers. Bins are larger in size than tumblers and the best option to compost for people who do the process without much thought.

Rather than dealing with an open compost pile, you can use closed compost bin. Bins avoid pests getting into the compost, hold the compost and prevent worst odors from spreading around. In compost bins, you can accelerate the composting process by mixing them using a handy pitchfork. If you need only some large sets of compost every year at little maintenance, then compost bins are the right option. You can use them along with tumblers like a stockpile storage system to some extent.

Tumblers are an efficient closed container option for composting process. An important advantage of using tumblers is the inbuilt turning mechanism permits you to ‘tumble’ the substances. Follow the turning process regularly, to make rich compost content quickly.

It is highly resistant to weather because of the bulky walls and requires only minimum four weeks of time to create a compost batch. You can move the smaller ones easily, but, the bigger ones are fixed like the compost bins. You have only few compost ‘tumblers’ options to select from.

Apart from the large sized tumblers and bins, you have other effective and sleek options like wormeries and countertop composters. You want to research all the options including their advantages and disadvantages to narrow down the search process.

You can make the soil rich in nutrients from the yard debris and food waste, and this gives new beautiful life to the plant. Composting enriches the soil and promote the environment around you. It reduces the amount of waste that result from the consumption and preparation of food.

Compositing is the best method to reprocess yard waste. Using the organic waste, you can improve the nutrients in the soil that will facilitate to boost the health of the soil and support plant growth. Even if there are only a few plants in your garden, you can do composting to improve the nutrients in the soil.